Tokyo Night Photography Airbnb Experience — An Enthusiastic Recommendation

by Dottie

Travel Hack: Try an Airbnb Experience with a local photographer to get amazing travel photos!

We all want beautiful, Instagram-worthy photos when we travel, but obviously, not all of us are skilled photographers 😂

Well, here’s a hack for those of you looking to spice up your social media feeds, or those simply looking to bring home memories from your trip that you’ll treasure forever. Airbnb Experiences with local photographers guarantee that you get high-quality travel photos even if you don’t have the skills or equipment needed to do it yourself.

We had our first Airbnb photography Experience in Tokyo — one of the busiest, most interesting cities in the world. We wanted to get cool shots of us with Tokyo’s beautiful cityscape at night as a backdrop, and we were not disappointed.

Our photographer, Tokyo local So Okamoto, took a small group of us on a walk through Shinjuku and Shibuya, two of Tokyo’s liveliest neighborhoods, bringing us to famous landmarks, neon-lit pedestrian streets, and hidden nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t find on your own. The whole experience lasts around two hours, and the results are absolutely stunning.

Though the price tag was steep — the experience costs $100 a head — the photos made it absolutely worth it. Tokyo happens to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, and the price we paid reflects that. Of course, each destination will have completely different price points — some that are much softer on the wallet.

Airbnb Photography Experience Tips

  • Get spruced up! Put on that outfit you’ve been saving for a special occasion, and get your hair and makeup looking nice. You’ll feel more confident if you look good, and your photos will reflect that!
  • Bring props and/or additional outfits. We wanted to have fun references to Japanese culture in our photos, so we scoured vintage stores for kimonos before our shoot. Obviously different props make sense for different settings. Some common ones include sunglasses, food, bouquets of flowers, bags, balloons, bubbles, etc. Bringing additional outfits diversity your photos, which is especially useful for content creators looking to optimize their social media feeds.
  • Loosen up. Taking photos in front of strangers can be nerve-wracking and doesn’t come naturally to everyone (myself included!). Props like the ones mentioned above can give you something to do with your hands so you feel less awkward. You can also try communicating to your photographer that you’d like specific directions or a more interactive experience to help with posing ideas. If all else fails, I’m not above taking a shot or two before a photoshoot to relax 😂

Photos From Our Tokyo Night Photography Airbnb Experience

Here are some examples of the amazing photos we got in Tokyo that you can also get by embarking on an Airbnb photography Experience.

Airbnb Experience: Tokyo Night Photography | Shinjuku

Airbnb Experience: Tokyo Night Photography | Tokyo, Japan | Intersection

Airbnb Experience: Tokyo At Night Photography | Tokyo, Japan

Airbnb Experience: Tokyo At Night Photography | Shinjuku | Tokyo, Japan

Airbnb Experience: Tokyo At Night Photography | Shinjuku | Tokyo, Japan

Airbnb Experience: Tokyo At Night Photography

Airbnb Experience: Tokyo At Night Photography | Shibuya Crossing

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