by Dottie
  • White-sand beaches, colorful favelas stacked on the hillsides, Carnaval, and bossanova. Rio de Janeiro has long captured the imaginations of travelers from around the world. Here are the best things to do in town.

  • The best restaurants in Puerto Escondido for fresh seafood and classic Mexican eats. From seafood soups and fresh ceviches to smoked fish tacos and grilled fare, there’s more than enough to satisfy even the most voracious seafood enthusiasts.

  • I am sharing my exact process of building Dots on a Map in a new series so y’all can see exactly what — and how much — it takes to grow a travel blog and business while working full-time. And if you are on the same boat as me, I hope it makes you feel like you’re not alone — even when you don’t see any pay-off for your hard work and consistency just yet.

  • When planning a beach vacation to Mexico, people often overlook Oaxaca beaches and Oaxaca’s Pacific Coast in favor of the usual suspects. This is a mistake. Especially if you consider yourself more of an “off-the-beaten-path” style traveler.