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Starting Over: The Ultimate Guide for Moving to a New City and Making New Friends

Moving to a new city is tough, and like many other big changes or ambitious endeavors, starting over requires unyielding—and [...]

14 Ways to Save Money for Travel

1. BREW YOUR OWN COFFEE $2-$5 a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The money really adds up! [...]

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12 Ways to Work and Travel

Before you begin, I want to warn you that this post is a long one. However, it is insanely useful [...]

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A 5-Step Guide on How to Travel the World

This guide is for those who would love nothing more than to see the world, but have no idea how [...]

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How to Feel Inspired Even Without Traveling

Before I lived in China, I felt very stuck. While I was happy with my academics and friends, I had [...]

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7 Must Have Items for Traveling Light

Packing and traveling light is an art. There is nothing worse than overpacking and having to drag around excess baggage [...]

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7 Travel Hacks for Travelers on a Budget

Traveling can seem distant and unattainable to those of us without a high disposable income. Once upon a time, I [...]

Go Travel: 3 Excuses Stopping You From Traveling That Are Nonsense

I used to view traveling as a dream rather than a reality. To actually go travel seemed so far out [...]