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America vs. China: 6 Comparisons of Everyday Life

An oft-spoken cliché is that travel shifts your perspective and allows you to view your own culture through a new [...]

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Walking Tour of the Bund, Shanghai (Photos)

Shanghai is a chaotic city characterized by staggering growth and development. Towering apartment complexes are built in under a year, [...]

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The Haggling Manifesto: How to Haggle in China

Haggling is a necessary and extremely entertaining part of shopping in China. When I first came to Shanghai in 2011 [...]

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Old Shanghai: Getting Lost in the Lanes of Tianzifang (Photos)

Tianzifang, a popular destination in Shanghai for locals and tourists alike, consists of a series of pedestrian streets and alleys [...]

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Contemporary Chinese Creativity at M50, Shanghai

One of my favorite places to visit in all of Shanghai has to be M50, a creative district home to [...]

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Shanghai Guide: Where to Stay, Sightsee, and Eat

WHERE TO STAY AND WHAT TO EXPECT BUDGET ACCOMMODATION I have had fantastic experiences staying at City Central, a funky [...]

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Climbing Huangshan During Golden Week in Anhui Province, China

Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is an absolutely breathtaking mountain range located in Anhui Province, China. Having booked tickets at the last [...]

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A Guide to Shanghai Nightlife (Photos)

Shanghai is known for its diversities. Luxurious shopping districts flashing with neon lights stand in contrast to dilapidated alleyways with dried [...]