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A New Direction For Dots on a Map

A FOUR YEAR BLOGGING JOURNEY Since I decided to start my blog in 2014 while living in Shanghai, lots of [...]

Corinne Loperfido is the Bad Ass Bitch We All Want To Be

Pin this image! This article is the first of a series of interviews with badass women who have [...]

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Starting Over: The Ultimate Guide for Moving to a New City and Making New Friends

Pin me! Moving to a new city is tough, and like many other big changes or ambitious endeavors, [...]

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7 Digital Tools That Help You Work Productively While Traveling

Working efficiently while traveling is a challenge, and many people choose to enjoy these two things separately. However, if you [...]

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6 Apps and Social Media Platforms for Meeting New People

When people with a clear desire to travel are asked why they aren't doing so, the most common response goes [...]

Why You Should Be Riding Bikes in Austin Right Now (Photos)

The purchase of a beautiful red Falcon road bike enabled me to become quickly entwined in the Austin cycling community, [...]

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Flying Halfway Around the World for Dinner: Culinary Wanderlust at Fäviken Magasinet

Leslie Ziegler serves as an advisor to several start-up companies at the convergence of health and technology, and is the [...]

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12 Ways to Work and Travel

Before you begin, I want to warn you that this post is a long one. However, it is insanely useful [...]

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A 5-Step Guide on How to Travel the World

This guide is for those who would love nothing more than to see the world, but have no idea how [...]

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14 Quirks About Americans

Pin me! 1. AMERICANS ARE FINICKY. We demand that things should be exactly to our liking. This is [...]