Hello, my name is Dottie. I am an aspiring writer and traveler with a passion for deeply connecting with people from all walks of life.

Exploring Comuna 13 in Medellin


“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.”
– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Since starting this blog in 2014, struggling with its direction, and leaving it behind twice, I have decided to write about meaningful life experiences that were always right in front of me. This includes broad themes from my bicultural upbringing in Taiwan and the United States, working through a Brazilian-American intercultural relationship, and experimenting with social work and giving back to my community.

I hope my openness and vulnerability this time around will actually make my blog something worth reading. Third time’s a charm!


My father is American. My mother is from Taiwan. When I was 3, we uprooted our lives in the United States and moved to Taoyuan, Taiwan, close to my mother’s entire family. For the next 7 years I was raised with Eastern values, fully integrated into Taiwanese culture.

At 10 years old, my family returned to the United States, and I began the slow process of adapting to the Western way of life.

Overall, my biculturalism and ability to speak two languages is the greatest gift my parents have given me, though it was not without challenges. The extended culture shock I experienced is something I am still trying to process to this day. Writing is clarity, and I will share my insights and journey and hopefully learn from others who have similar experiences as well.


I lived China from 2013-2014, studying Chinese at Nanjing University and then working at a design start-up in Shanghai. During that year, I explored Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines.

I was inspired by travelers I met in all different walks of life — the Swiss couple who saved money together for two years to travel the world indefinitely; the digital nomad coding his way through Southeast Asia; my female bosses starting businesses and chasing their dreams in a foreign country. These people made me realize that travel did not have to remain an unattainable dream, but could actually become reality through work, determination, and resourcefulness.

Back Stateside, I lived in Austin, TX for a little over a year, wandered through the East, South and West coasts for 6 months, and currently reside in San Francisco. I chose not to travel internationally for 3 years because of my desire to stay close to home due to an illness in the family.

In 2017, I started picking up the pieces left in disarray from the last few years. I now travel fervently as often as I can, and have since explored Colombia and Mexico, as well as revisiting China.

Seeking out natural infinity pools near Oaxaca, Mexico


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