Dots on a Map

Creative travel tips for purposeful wanderers.


Dots on a Map

Creative travel tips for purposeful wanderers.

Welcome to my site!

My name is Dottie, and I am molding my actions around the goal of incorporating regular travel into my lifestyle. 

Here you will find:

+ Creative travel guides
+ Stories of my adventures abroad
+ Travel inspiration and budgeting tips 
+ Photos from my destinations
+ The occasional opinion piece

I am currently based in Shanghai, China 
and working at an amazing start-up called League X

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Getting Ripped Off By A Tuk-Tuk Driver in Phnom Penh

And visiting the Phnom Penh killing fields, local markets and Cambodian royal palace.

Angkor Whaaat?! The Majesty Of The Temples Of Angkor

Temple ruins on temple ruins and riding elephants.

Quantifying Happiness



Breaking happiness down into tangible, achievable components.


El Nido: An Activity Guide!

Island tours, motorbiking, snorkeling and non-stop eating.


The Haggling Manifesto: 5 Rules For Shopping In China

How to avoid being ripped off by ruthless Chinese vendors. 

The Incredibly Friendly People Of Ubud, Bali 

Wandering through the creative communities of Ubud on a balmy afternoon.

34 Questions To Make Travel Conversation More Interesting

Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?

Sihanoukville and Utopia Hostel: An Absolute Shit Show

Only stay in Utopia if you can handle basic amenities and no personal space. And maybe like poop a little bit.


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